Events & Ceremonies

Daily Religious Activities :
  • Prakshalan
  • Puja
  • Pradikshna
  • Arti and Bhajan
  • Swadhyaya and Pravachan
  • Dhayan Kendra (10 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 3 PM)

The devotees in Peet Vastra ( yellow colour attire ) start their religious activities at the Kestra by having prakshalan of the idols installed in the temple in the early morning at about 5 A.M. This is followed by performance of Pooja, Bhajan & Pradhakshina as expression of Bhakti.

In the evening at about 6.30 P.M. Arti with Deepak(s) and devotional Bhajans is a big attraction for the Devotees A large number of pilgrims coming to Shri MahaveerJi engage in Swadhyay (studying sacred books) and listen to Pravachan (religious and spiritual preachings).

Religious Festivals and Celebration:

Ashthannika ( Thrice in a year), Deepawali, Bhadrapad and Dash Lakhshan Parva are some of the major holy celebrations which are held at Shri Mahaveerji with lots of religious and cultural activities.

Lakkhi Mela ( Annual Fair ) :

Lakhs of devotees are drawn to Shri Mahaveerji during the Annual Fair held every year in March-April ( from Chaitra Shukla 13 to Vaisakha Krishna 2nd according to Jain calendar).
Five day celebrations of Mela begins with Mela Sthapana, Flag Hoisting and Jal yatra. The mela ends with Jinendra Rath Yatra and Kalashabishek. Besides Jain devotees, rural communities like Meena, Gujars, Jats, Ahirs, Cobblers and others throng in large number in the fair presenting rare sight of national unity and communal harmony .
Collective worship, devotional songs and Bhajans, cultural programmes, exhibition, rural games etc. are some of the major activities organized during the five days of the fair. All India Kavi Sammelan at during the mela in which leading Hindi poets of the country participates, is major attraction for thousand of rural people and pilgrims who come to attend the annual fair.